We Have the Capacity to Meet Your Purchase Order Financing Needs

Business funds have the tendency to ebb and flow, and at times you may find it difficult or even impossible to purchase presold goods. Thankfully, you can rely on Grey Hill Capital to provide you with immediate funding when you need it the most. We offer a popular purchase order financing program that can help you pay your suppliers and obtain the merchandise you need to fulfill orders and continue building a profitable business.

How Our Program Works

Our purchase order financing program is specifically designed to put money in your hands as quickly as possible so you can pay your vendors and maintain a good relationship with them. The cash from this program will also help you fulfill orders quickly and keep your customers satisfied. Additional program benefits include:

  • Increased ability to deliver orders on time
  • Reliable source of funding that won’t put you in further debt with your bank
  • Option to improve market share
  • Greater ability to fulfill orders of all sizes

If you’re currently having a difficult time shuffling your money between vendor payments and customer orders, ask us about our purchase order financing program.

Apply Today

Finding out if you qualify for our financial solutions is a simple process that can be started right away. Give us a call at 1-888-473-9445 (888-GreyHil) or email us at info@greyhillcapital.com and we’ll help you initiate the application process.