Entrepreneur’s Guide to an Eco-Friendly Business

If your goal is to run an eco-friendly business — good for you. It’s a wise move for public relations purposes and to help ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. These tips can help you get started on “greening” your business.

Sustainable Energy Ideas for Business

• Purchase solar energy for your business operations. If your energy company offers the option, elect to receive solar power.

• Consider installing solar panels at your location. Use panels on the roof of your office building, warehouse or home office.

• Seek suppliers and vendors that support sustainable energy. Ask companies you deal with about their eco-friendly practices. Do they use solar panels or power at their facilities? If you’re loyal to your current suppliers, encourage them to go green. If you don’t love them, threaten to switch to a rival who uses eco-friendly business practices.

• Support the wind, solar or geothermal energy industry. You could do so by sponsoring a conference, donating or volunteering. If you have employees, give them a paid day off to support a clean energy event.

• Limit or save on travel: Encourage employees to carpool, or do so yourself, if you’re a solo-preneur. Allow telecommuting and distributed teams. Consider buying or leasing electric car(s) for business use. Use technology for “face-to-face” meetings, rather than traveling if it’s not essential to meet in person.

• Add plants to your workspace and/or improve landscaping. Plants can clean the air inside your offices and reduce your need for air conditioning, when strategically placed or planted outside.

• Create a green energy or sustainable startup. Consider starting a new business. becoming a solar panel or wind energy installer (or a vendor). Run an organic catering company or open a bike sales and repair shop. Become an energy efficiency inspector or consultant to homeowners and/or businesses. Make and sell environmentally sound bio-fuel. Perform repair and maintenance of renewable energy systems or vehicles.

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