Key Tips for Improving Your Team’s Customer Service

Although your company may have excellent products and highly skilled behind-the-scenes personnel, customers primarily base their impressions of your business upon your customer service team. Good customer service presents a positive face to the public that causes your clients not only to be loyal to your firm, but also refer your business to others. Here are some important tips on how to improve your company’s customer service.

Staff Skilled Representatives

Before your customer service representatives interact with the public, they require a specific and comprehensive set of skills. For instance, they need the ability to communicate clearly and use positive language no matter what subject is under discussion. Because customer mood and response varies greatly, representatives must be adaptable but at the same time remain patient and empathetic. It is imperative that they have comprehensive knowledge of your products and services and be aware of where to refer overly technical questions.

Relate to Customers

Encourage customer service representatives to practice active listening techniques to assure clients that they have understood their concerns. Seeking common ground such as shared interests with customers creates more personal relationships. Always be willing to admit a mistake, which causes clients to focus on the specific problem rather than supposed general drawbacks of your company. After helping a customer with a problem, follow up later to be sure the issue remains resolved.

Employ Advanced Strategies

Rather than relying on automated phone and email responses, reply to your customers personally. Use social media to display photos, create communities, and respond to customer posts. Have special representatives meet with valued clients to express your appreciation of them.

Solicit Customer Feedback

Contact pages on your website, phone surveys, and email surveys are all ways to obtain feedback from your customers. These provide intimate means for clients to offer their thoughts and suggestions, instead of expressing any dissatisfaction publicly on social media.

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