Washington, DC Small Business Loans

For many, the American dream involves developing ideas, setting financial goals and creating a small business. Unfortunately, funding isn’t always easy to come by, even when you have incredible ideas and products. At Grey Hill Capital, we strive to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with the funds they need to create, grow and develop a thriving business.

Small business loans allow local entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. to refinance existing loan debt, purchase new equipment, access working capital to fund new projects and complete commercial property transactions such as renovating, purchasing, building or refinancing an office space. When capital is hard to come by, Grey Hill Capital makes it simple to obtain small business financing to help all business owners realize their goals and dreams.

Types of Small Business Loans We Offer

We offer SBA 7a small business loans and SBA 504 loans. As you determine what you want to accomplish, our consultants are happy to discuss what is right for your business, but we’ve highlighted the basics of each loan to help you get a general idea what you are looking for.

  • SBA 7a Loans
    • Versatile loans
    • Most widely used Washington, D.C. business loan program
    • Best for commercial real estate transactions and general working capital
    • Financing for properties such as childcare centers, automotive repair facilities, hotels, warehouses, self-storage and office space
    • Loans for service industry businesses and manufacturers with no more than 500 workers
    • Retail businesses must have $6 million or less in total annual sales
  • SBA 504 Loans
    • Loans used for purchasing fixed business assets, construction, commercial property acquisitions and business equipment
    • Low interest rates
    • Full amortization
    • Commercial real estate financing of up to 80 percent
    • Business asset financing up to 90 percent
    • Projects funded up to $12 million

Because your business is unique and special, your goals and funding needs are different than any other’s. That’s why we work with you to determine which small business financing options allow you to operate at your most efficient and successful. Grey Hill Capital consultants are well-experienced experts that want to see your business succeed, and to help you get the capital to stretch and meet your loftiest goals.

Lowering Costs and Accessing Capital

Whether you need an expensive piece of trucking equipment or just to renovate your office space, it’s difficult to do when you don’t have a lot of working capital in your business, and that’s where we want to help. Without the cash, your growth may be limited when it is prime time to expand. Small business loans provide you with the flexibility to create the supply that meets the demands of our industry.

We offer small business financing options to companies in various industries, with diverse backgrounds and unique stories. As with any type of borrowing, the specifics of your loan are determined once you have applied and one of our consultants has processed it and spoken to you about your options.

Don’t wait another day to realize your dreams when funding is a simple phone call away. Contact Grey Hill Capital today to learn more about how you can expand your business regardless of your current financial situation.